Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I won't be posting here much unfortunately. This will be my last post now that I've been found out by Pat or Patty. I wondered who was leaving comments then deleting them. She finally left a comment about Sue Rood. Said she's been 'lurking' and could no longer keep quiet. Lurking is a scary word. Stalking is what it feels like.

Yes, there is history there. She was married to one of Bruce's best friends, then got divorced and a whole bunch of drama followed and yadda, yadda and I just didn't care to be in the middle of her drama with this other woman and it's been great blogging without her, but she's found me and now I'm off.

I just had a weird thought...seems Bruce's friends are all a little wacky. Or maybe it's me...naw, it's them. :)

She can't follow me on myspace. So if ya'll want to keep hanging out with me head on over. I have to add you as friend because I have it set to private. So Leo, Buddha Girl come on over...

Jackie is already there and so is Duff so it's all good.

Love you guys.

Now I have to gather my thoughts about my romantic dinner and mid night swim last night to write about it...It was a hoot.

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