Monday, August 18, 2008

More Thoughts...

Try and follow my thoughts on the last few days. The picture above are the Roods. Sue & Bill. Sue has known Bruce since childhood. They were next door neighbors.

Bruce and I are planning on going away for the week-end. We are going to New Hampshire to celebrate his Auntie's 80th birthday. Leaving Friday. (the 15th, last Friday)

Thursday afternoon (the 14th) I get a call from Sue. She is distraught to the point of I cannot understand her. You all know the history I have with this woman. She hates me. But anyway let me get back to the phone call...She knows I work for the Psychiatric Department baby sitting , so if you call me at work and tell me you're in crisis don't expect me to sit on my thumbs and do nothing. So I tell her to calm down, blow her nose and to quit crying for a few minutes to tell me whats going on? I should have hung up on her, but nooooo my compassionate nature takes over.

She tells me she wants to kill herself. Wants to end it all. Can't take the pain of living anymore. I ask her "Do you have a plan?" She answers "Yes, I am taking all of my pills tomorrow while I am alone in the house for the day." Which would be Friday. The day Bruce and are supposed to go away together.

I tell her to hang on and not to do anything. Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. I tell her she needs to contact her doctor and to tell him how she is feeling. She promises she will. I hang up and I call Bruce to tell him what happened. (remember this part about me calling Bruce)

So I finish up my shift and go home and go to bed. Bruce says good-night I love you and that is my Thursday.

I get up Friday morning because I took the day shift. 7 to 3 so we could leave right after work to go to New Hampshire. I'm at work and it's now 8:30am and I am thinking about Sue and what she said she would do today. I think to myself go talk to the psych nurses on 2 south locked unit they all like you. So I go up to South 2 and I talk to my favorite psych nurse and I tell her the whole Bill and Sue and Bruce story. She looks at me and smiles. "Nancy you are being manipulated by a master. She wants you to call Bruce whom she loves and she hopes will come rescue her." Me...duh! It never crossed my mind that she was up to no good. Psych nurse, "she is still sick if she is doing stuff like that."

So I call Sue and no one answers. Her answering machine comes on. So I think OH No she's done it, taken all her pills. Sue had told me who her doctor was and so I had the unit secretary get me his number and I called him up. "Did Sue call you?" He answers no. So I tell him about her phone call to me and what she had said about killing herself. He calls the police to go to her house to check on her.

She got the police instead of Bruce. Hahahahahahaha. Evil shit eating grin on my face.

So I call Bruce and tell him what I did. He then tells me "Oh ya, she called me last night." And you forgot to tell me? Dumb ass! "Ya, she called me and asked me if I had feelings for her? And what did you answer her? "Hell no!" he said. The she proceeded to ask him all these questions of why he did this or that when it came to her and blah, blah ,blah.

When we were both home from work getting ready to leave for New Hampshire my phone rings and I can see it is Sue. I don't answer. Then Bruce's phone rings and it's her and I tell him if he answers it he is going to go to New Hampshire alone so he doesn't pick up. She calls his phone a second time, this time leaves a message that she's trying to call me. OK, then call me and leave me the message. Don't call my husband twice fucktard. I am so on to you and your game is up.

Bruce's mom...

tells me I should forget the whole thing because they (the Roods) will always be a part of the family and will still be at all the holidays. Fuck it. Fuck them. Fuck having to be nice to them because they are old family friends.

I'm not making nice anymore. I refuse.


yellowdog granny said...

your not seriously asking me what I think are you..cause you know my response would be to go to her house and tell her you're on to her game and if she pulls shit like that again, they will be calling an ambulance for her alright, but not for a suicide attempt bur from the results from a good old asskicking and to leave my fucking husband alone..friend or not friend..and then tell her husband to start fucking his wife more or better, so she will leave your husband alone...
lets see..does that cover everything?...
and yes..hank really did do it thata way...damn i love the songs you play over here..hahahah

buddha_girl said...

I love that the cops played a house call. She DOES realize that's on public record now, right?

For your sake, I hope she foes through with it. I'm a heartless bitch like that. RIDICULOUS WASTE OF SPACE.

My husband's sister plays the suicide card on a regular basis. I finally told my stupid MIL that she should tell the idiot to kill herself and get it done with OR sign the papers to have the idiot committed to a state psych center for a comfy 30-day stay. Easy.

I followed up with:
I've already discussed this with HG, and he's in agreement. When you die and she plays the suicide card with us, I will be the one to sign her into the psych center. Done deal.

sageweb said...

Screw being nice...that lady is crazy you did the right thing!

tsduff said...

LOL JackieSue!
My sister's husband has suicide attempts - but they are always never serious because he cuts himself where there aren't any arteries... power plays are all they are.

I'm happy it turned out the way it did for you - smart girl not answering your phone. How was the weekend? Hope you had a great time, leaving all this other crapola behind for a change.

Anonymous said...

I have no words other than to tell you how sorry I am that this woman is a part of your life and that no one is sticking up for YOU.

{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}

billy pilgrim said...

after seeing sue's picture i wouldn't worry about losing bruce to her. even if she was beautiful, she'd be a high maintenance lunatic.

this nut is bruce's problem, not yours.

McRaven said...

Jackie they haven't had sex in years, too fat. Bill's apron goes down to his knees. Sue said he smells so bad, well you get the picture. She is having lap band surgery October 20, 2008 to lose her weight. And guess who hooked her up with that? Yes, it was me.

I am leaving here as soon as I can collect my retirement from the hospital. Stick a fork in me I am so done with the crap out here.

Buddha Girl I agree with you. Sometime I have a really hard time with compassion because of the stuff I've been through. The ones that come in and you ask them why? And they reply my girl or boy friend left me...those ones I want to slap and say try burying a child then come talk to me...

Sage, thanks...hug to you. :)

Duff, Jackie cracks me up almost daily. I love her! Although when you call her at 5:00am she's not as funny. :) My brother-in-law Brian works at the same hospital and he was bringing a suicide who had tried slitting his wrist back to me and as they were walking Brian told him if your serious about killing yourself slice this way deep, they won't be able to repair it. I love him. This guy was a frequent flier.

Mama Kelly, hug to you, and exactly why I am leaving here as soon as I can.

I am leaving Bruce with lots of stuff to think or ponder over. He's slow but he will get it once he's sitting here alone. Then he will have to come out to Minnesota, and I bet you within 6 months of my leaving he will be on his way. We are going through some very difficult growing pains. And he hates change but he will go with it evenutally. He's a slow learner, but he does learn. He has adult ADHD.