Monday, August 25, 2008


I decided to keep up the blog and the 'lurker' can go screw herself.

Saturday night we went out for my 'last supper'. We went with Sue & Bill. I don't know about everyone else but I had the best time! We went to the Olive Garden. Bruce & I went there on our first real date.

We, Bruce & I talked about how much fun that first date was and he said to me "It's where I fell in love with you, a woman brave enough to order spaghetti and meatballs on a first date is the woman for me."

Sue didn't smile much. I don't know what her problem was. She did have her wedding rings on. I commented on it. It's nice to see you wearing your wedding rings again. She hadn't worn them all summer long. I think that had something to do with Bruce telling her he had no feelings for her maybe.

Bill was delightful. He was funny and witty. Bruce and I laughed at all his jokes but Sue didn't. I don't know why. She should pay more attention to him he is a great guy, not as funny or as cute as Bruce but that's her problem not mine.

I had the never ending pasta bowl with angel hair pasta and Alfredo sauce with Italian sausage. It was sooo good! Then I had this chocolate pie for desert. It was yummy.

Then I suggested we go back to their house for a mid-night swim. Bruce and I had so much fun swimming. Sue and Bill watched. They got in the pool and just sat there. Didn't move. Bruce and I sang a song from Grease as we swam. The song was Summer Love had me a blast, summer love happened so fast, he showed up splashing around...yes we were that sickening, I thought I was going to throw up.

Bruce and I had a great time and I think we got our message across...

Now for me it's day one of the liquid diet. Four slim fast today. Today is also the first day off of diabetic medicine. Whooooopie! No more diabetic medicine. Now I must go walking...later dudes!

I just talked to JackieSue and she was on her way to the doctors. Seems her blood pressure is running a little high. That woman has been the best friend to me, for many years now. She is always there when I need her, granted she is always on her way out the door somewhere but we get in what we have to. Maybe it's the job that's giving her high blood pressure.

I will definitely say some prayers to the great universe and burn some sage with healthy thoughts to you my friend.


yellowdog granny said...

i got a script that wont interfear with my my weight loss is now at 63 lbs...whoot!...
he said 'no more salt' more cutting back, easing off, and not using as much as i used more salt..
feck..and i said i would check my blood pressure at home and he said, no your going to come up here in 2 weeks so i can see it .....not that i dont' trust you..

hmm, think ole dr. e has my number..ha
im supposed to go to ground roots democrat meeting tonight, don't know what time ill be back...should be back by 9pm...sorry we couldn't talk longer ..

billy pilgrim said...

so sue didn't kill herself.

fuck! another 50 cents down the drain.

tsduff said...

I'm so glad you kept the blog :) I love it, and MySpace isn't so much my cup of tea. Whoo hooo on your great night with Bruce - sounds nice. I hope you get to do that more often. And hallelujah for good friends like JS. They are rarer than a hen's tooth.