Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sue Rood (Rude)

So you have been following my drama with Sue Rood, Bruce's childhood friend who happens to be obsessed with him. I left off on Friday when she called me once and him twice to leave a message for me right?

I work second shift so when I get home around midnight Bruce is sleeping and we don't talk because he is sleeping, then when he gets up at 6am he is very quiet because I am sleeping. We don't really get to talk to each other until the week-end.

Yesterday right before work I get a call it's Sue Rude. I say ya, what do you want? (thinking, my husband) She said I was just calling to apologize, it must have hurt you so much to know what Bruce and I talked about? I am thinking OK, what the fuck is she talking about now? Then she says "Didn't Bruce tell you we talked last night?" She says it with a tone that says oh Bruce is keeping secrets from you about me because he truly loves me kinda snotty voice. I answer her "No, he was sleeping naked in my bed and wanted to make hot slutty love to me, when I got in naked, he loves my 16 year old boobs! and nothing else when I got home." and we didn't talk about you so what?

I got nothing on the other end. Silence. So I am grinning ear to ear at the silence. I shut the cow up.

Sue regains her composer. Oh well we talked about...I rudely cut in...Listen Sue I have to get going, but I would like to tell you that I have a surgery date September 9th. Bruce and I would like to go out to dinner with you and Bill Saturday night for my last supper. She says oh we would love to. Then I say, I have to run we can talk about this Saturday when Bruce is with us OK? And I hang up.

I called Bruce after and I asked him did you talk to Sue again? Oh ya he said and he told me about her conversation with him. He told me he told her she didn't stand a snowballs chance in hell with him. He told her he loves me with all his heart. He told her I make him happier then he's ever been. And then he told me she was on the other line calling him. Of course he didn't answer the beep, he was talking to the woman he loves.

The woman just doesn't get it.

Saturday Bruce said he is going to give her an eye full. PDA (public dispaly of affection, towards me. Rubbing salt into her love wounds.) He is also going to tell Bill about all the phone calls and all the crap she has said. Bill doesn't seem to know about Sue's phone calls. Cell phones are wonderful in that you can save everything on them, dates and times and even conversations. Of course he won't do this until after we have had a wonderful romantic dinner.

I can't wait. Evil grin.


billy pilgrim said...

i'll bet 50 cents that sue kills herself.

yellowdog granny said...

that just made my fucking day..that an a canadian won a gold medal...

yellowdog granny said...
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tsduff said...

woooo hoooo - you sure know how to deal with extreme "rude" behavior! ha ha ha - really great one-two punch you delivered.

buddha_girl said...

Hot slutty love?
16 year old boobs?

I wish to hell that I could be a fly on the wall when her idiot husband finds out about her stalking ways.

I wish I could see that fucking cow bitch fall over when her ruse is UP! She is one delusional fucktard.

And I'm in a good mood. Can you imagine if I was in a bitch mood and was TRYING to say mean things about that cunt?

I officially love Billy Pilgrim. He is a sage!
*sly-ass grin*

sageweb said...

Oh I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that dinner. Yippee for you.

Allan said...

Oh, you so totally rock! Kudos to Bruce for helping rub that salt!

"Hotty slutty love" is awesome...enjoy!

McRaven said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments!

Patty, lurking isn't that sorrta like stalking? Kinda reminds me of Sue's behavior. Scary.