Monday, August 21, 2006

D Day

Today, this morning is biopsy day. I have to leave in about 20 minutes to get to Hartford Hospital by 8:30 AM. My sister Lee gave me an atavan to help with my nerves. I am bringing one of my favorite CD’s by Douglas Spotted Elk. I’m having a Core Biopsy which puts me in an MRI machine with wires inserted in my boobs to the five different areas to take the tissue they need.

My sister Lee and Shirley came home last night with a build a bear just for me. This is my bear Jade.

She has a special star that I wished on, sewed into her. It matches the star on her left paw. So I have that going for me too.

Bruce is telling me it is time to go, my stomach just fell out.

Hopefully I will be back with great news, keep your fingers crossed. :)

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