Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yeah It's Me ...

OK I got all the links to work. Not bad for a chick who is on morphine, Valium and Tramadol just for good measure.

The Doc added the Tramadol because of what happened to me the other night. You see although morphine is a wonderful pain killer it can cause some pretty good or bad dreams. I
have drains coming out of my sides. Both sides. So I can't sleep on my sides. I can't sleep in a bed so I sleep in a recliner. Well the other night I was having a morphine night mare. It was night terror so strong I could not move or speak from fright. All I can tell ya was I wanted out of that fucking chair now!

Too make a long story short I got out of that chair, sortta pulled a drain too hard and woke up Mr. Bruce scaring the shit out of him. You are dreaming Nancy! Get me the fuck out of here...

Well I finally woke up and I had hurt or twisted my back somehow in my rampage to get out of that chair and so Tramadol was added to my pain cocktail. The drain was fixed and restitched and now Bruce is sleeping on the couch right next to me so I don't freak out in my sleep and pull anything else.

My back hurt so much yesterday that he came home from work early to help me to wash up or sneak a shower. He taped the drains with water proof tape and I stood in the shower and I let the water gods wash all the crap and negativity off of me and I felt like a new person.

I go to see Dr. Johnson tomorrow at 10:30 am. She's the plastic surgeon who is giving me the nice firm c cup I want, up high and round. Soon as they are done you will see a picture I promise!This picture is not the most flattering picture of me but it's real and was taken this morning. I did it for JackiSue mostly. I need the pillow to hug for pain. and after this is over I am going to kill the chair.

OK thats it for now. Kisses & hugs to every body!


billy pilgrim said...

yer looking excellent!

are you putting some of the morphine away for a rainy day?

yellowdog granny said...

and jackiesue really appreciates the lovely picture of her lakota princess sista..
i think you should bring it with you for westfest and we can have a ritual killing of the chair...soak it with some lone star beer and set that fucker on fire....yeah, like the lovely mr pilgrim said..stock pile some of the morphine..

Mama Kelly said...

ahhh that first shower post-op is always a glorious occassion

glad to see you but sorry for the nasty nightmares


tsduff said...

Awe hon, you look so huggable ;) I know what kind of nightmare you are talking about: I've have one or two of them myself. The terror is so engulfing you think you will expire from fear. I'm glad you got something to help out. And Halelujah - you got to take a shower! I took one this a.m. to wash the flu and sick away - felt so much better. Healing thoughts to you xo

buddha_girl said...

Holy hell! Drains. Nightmares. Restitching.

However, a shower? Mr. Bruce being the knight we know him to be? Having a chair to sleep in? (even if we're going to make a bonfire of it when you're through with it!)

I love the picture, Nancy! LOVE IT. Your sassy-ass grin tells me you're kicking ass and taking names. That's the way I like it.

Allan said...

Smiling looks good on you. Hooray for the water gods and their emissary Bruce!

sageweb said...

Oh the nightmares sound horrible. I hope all is well and you look fabulous with your love pillow.

texlahoma said...

Sorry to hear about the nightmares. Like I think I told you once before, that Bruce sounds like a keeper.
Try yelling real loud in your dream if you need to. I did that the other night in a dream because it was very scary and I was yelling in real life too. Scared the shit out of my old lady though!