Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Doctors

Yesterday was my first post op visit. The doc put in 50cc of saline water into each boob. Bruce was so excited it was pretty funny. The doc said the drains had to stay in one more week.

So we get home and Bruce says can I touch? Touch what I ask? He says the swell of your breast at the top. Hu? I have a swell at the top of what used t be my breast? Ya and it's kind of sexy.

Sure go for it. The man had a smile that lasted for an hour.

So next Monday we go in again and get another 50 cc of saline water. I asked the doc how many too go before we put in the real implant? She says 350 cc.,after next week she said it will feel uncomfortable, tight and start to stretch. Then we will come in every two weeks for a fill of 50 ccs until we hit the 350 mark. After that I will have to decide saline implants or silicone. My sister Lee has saline and when you hug her they are as hard as rocks. They look fantastic but are hard.

The doc gave me lots of stuff to read about silicone and it's now what they call 3rd generation silicone. Safer if it leaks. But from what I read leaks average about the same as silicone vs saline water. Silicone feels so much more realistic. So I am tending to go with a good size C cup and silicone.

I trust my doc and she knows the hell I'm going though right now and wouldn't steer my wrong.

I'm still swollen and bruised and I hurt to move. I take my pain med and I wait 20 minutes for it to start working so I can get up and feel productive. I then fall asleep and I wake up and the cycle starts over. So this part of the recovery sucks.

I have an appointment with my breast surgeon Doc Holly on Thursday. We will discuss the one lymph node that came back with cancer. I'm looking forward to that chat .

I've lost my appetite. It's upsetting to Bruce. You need to eat to get better. He made the best dinner and all I could get down was a chicken wing, one piece of broccoli and a half of ear of corn. I'm just hitting the down side of this and don't feel like doing much of anything but sleep.

So why am I up at 1:47AM WRITING THIS? wtfdik?


Nit Wit said...

I can't imagine what you’re going through. The Pain meds I understand though when I was in the hospital they kept pushing the strong stuff. I think because I wouldn't bother them as much. I took it a couple of times but then I would be dozing for hours and not even able to watch TV. After that I quit taking anything except a mild one just before they changed my bandage and vacuum pump hookup.
Take care and try to eat more. Gotta have those building blocks.

Mama Kelly said...

oh honey {{{ }}}

your posts remind me of my first days home after my hysterectomy ... not wanting to eat, hurting all the time, all I wanted to do was sleep and often that was impossible

know that each day will bring you a little less pain and a little closer to being healed!!

mama kelly

Juanuchis said...

I loved the Percs when I was in hospital after my hysty. When I was discharged, doc prescribed Lortab. But when I got home, I just used ibuprofen, and after a couple days of dozing, started trying to do stuff that I shouldn't!

That's me, "things to do, things to do..." which is why I never seem to get into my art studio.

Continued prayers for your rapid recovery!

buddha_girl said...


Tight stretching from the saline? Injecting every two weeks?

I love that you are so surrounded by love that's successful in warding off the cancer demon and its minions.

You give Bruce some Buddha love from my house.

yellowdog granny said...

a c cup...hot dang...too bad they can't recycle fat to put in your boobs..i could give you a pair of double d's with my excess fat..haaha...
your so brave..i'll have to send bruce my recipe for green chili pork stew..there's no way you couldn't eat it..ha.
let me know what the dr says..
oooh...look at all your new friends..ain't that cool?
ps...i absolutely love the paining header..it's one of your best..

billy pilgrim said...

love the picture at the top.

when are we gonna get that star trek technology where they just wave a magic gadget over the injured area and all is well in a matter of minutes?

Allan said...

I like the new pic.
Hubby asked if he could cop a feel? That is very sweet. Sounds like you made his day!

If I could have Star Trek tech, I'd take a 'phaser'. I like the way they make people disappear, no fuss or muss.

tsduff said...

Two things: Lovelovelove the way your Sweetie gets excited about the rise of your breast... that is so touching and supportive. Don't we love our boys?

Secondly: Appetite gone? Don't let it worry anyone. It will come back in time, and I don't know about you, but I'll take the good points (such as weight loss)anyday. Keep on feeling better hon.


tsduff said...

PS: I just spent a very enjoyable time reading your family history. It is rich, and well written - thank you so much for sharing it. You must be so proud.

sageweb said...

If you would like I could do a survey and go do squeeze tests on different types of boobs. They would understand I am sure and it would be for a good reason...a win win. Always willing to help.

McRaven said...

Thanks you guys for everything. Every smile and every laugh. And JackieSue thank you for introducing us, I am working on Bruce to get me a round cylinder so I can get Willie mailed off to you! We have to go the doctor today so maybe I can get him to stop at ups to get one. :)

Peace & Love,


Sage thanks for the offer, lets wait and see until after nest Monday's fill. :)

apositivepessimist said...

Well there you go, I always thought saline would be more realistic. Guess I’m still stuck on the silicon of old ay.

Dude!! If Mr Bruce was horned up about yer top swell I can imagine what a pair of brand spanking new titties will do fer him.

As long as yer still recovering eh :)

kath said...

hello hello hello!!!!!!!!!

I have been wanting to stop by... but have been busy, sick and cranky ... not necessarily in that order... then today my laptop would not boot up. It is toast!!!



so you worked in daycare????? I did to for about 4 minutes. I got fired for refusing to lie to a parent... long ugly story. That director is still in place but the current caregivers are trying to get her booted.. sad and ugly story there too

anyway... love your pictures! you sound perky!

I am so pleased to have "met" you!

sounds as if things are going well and smoothly .. yay on you!