Monday, April 21, 2008

My Boob News & JackieSue

I haven't cried in 4 days. Count them 1, 2, 3, 4. I really believe all the prayers, happy thoughts and general good feelings people have sent for me are working. I went to the doctor's this morning and I have lost 20 pounds. She gave me my final fill. 100 ccs in each boob. I am now a C+ to a D cup. Then she gave me some freaking great news! She said how soon do you want this to be over with? I said don't I have to wait 3 months. She said no. I thought I did. She said yeah, 3 months after your bilateral mastectomy surgery. She said lets think about the final surgery scheduling it for the last week in May. I said with the biggest shit eating grin you mean my boobs will be done. She said yes. It's a day surgery. I go in, she takes out the expanders and the implants, puts in the silicone implants and she said I will do a little lipo suction here and nip and tuck here and the nipples here and wallah Pam Anderson boobs! Thank you Goddess Dr. Melissa!

I can't wait for Bruce to get home from work. Wait till he see these puppies after today's fill.

Then I am pulling into my driveway feeling pretty damn good and my phone rings. It's my baby Boo. Mom she says I was going to surprise you with this in September for your birthday but I will tell you now...I am moving out there. Me and Jason are moving to Maine. She will be only 3 hours away from me. My baby girl will only be 3 hours away from me. I will finally have family by me. I just can't believe things are looking so good for me right now. I am so happy today that I called Bruce and said it's a guarded happiness, after the last couple of years I've become more pessimistic and I'm waiting for that dooms day cloud to appear and ruin it. But I have to be strong and push those negative thoughts out of my head and just let the goodness come and be so thankful for it. Yeah today is my day to be happy and I just want to enjoy it!

JackieSue, Willie is on his way. He should be there by Wed. I sent you 2 willie paintings. And I found a taste of Texas this weekend...

Bruce and I were riding around yesterday and we found this little hole in the wall eating place. Here are the 2 photo's we took of the place. OMG! The food, I had a Buffalo wrap, it weighed in at 1 and 1/2 pounds. Then I had two fried Oreo cookies with whip cream I tell you it was to die for. The best food I've had in years. Bruce had the fried Twinkie, he took a bite and his eyes rolled back in his head and this sound came out of him and then this smile came over his face like he had died and gone to Hooters heaven.

In closing I want to thank you all once again for the candle lightings and the prayers and happy thoughts, they have reached me and surround me with such peacefulness and joy. Thank you.


sageweb said...

Oh I am so happy for you. I love it when things go great.
That food sounds amazing...and very healthy.

Mama Kelly said...

I am so happy to read of so many blessings in your life!!!!May they keep on coming!!

Mama Kelly

texlahoma said...

Man, about time you caught a break. I'm glad things are looking up.
"D"? Wow, things are looking up for Bruce too. :)

Nit Wit said...

Wow! The end of May will be the final reconstruction? That's quick and great news. Who knew you could get real gormand food there.
When all my brothers decended on my Mom and stepdads place here in 96 and we were all here for the first time in years I asked my Stepdad how he felt about it and wasn't it strange.
He said ,"The kids and grandkids are great and the way we all scattered to the wind wasn't so bad. The only trouble was we kept coming back."
He's always welcomed mewith open arms though so I don't think he really minds.
One of my brothers lives in Livermoore Falls Maine.
Mmmm Fried Twinkies...

Rainwolf said...

Great new all the way around. Congrats!

McRaven said...

Sage the buffalo meat is real healthy, way low in fat and the bad stuff. It just is really expensive. The fried Oreo was a once in a while splurge...and it was worth it.
Right now Tex they kinda feel really tight and hard...
Nit my step daughter had this to say abut my boobs "last week in may, eh? memorial day mammories? it's like a holiday." She gets it from Bruce.
Rain and Mama Kelly thanks so much! :)

My sister-in-law is doing good. She decided on doing radiation again and then chemo. She had her first treatment last week and was out for lunch with her husband on Saturday! Good sign she was out and hungry!

buddha_girl said...

New boobs!
Your kid closeby.
Fried Oreos.
Things don't get better than that!

Mucho love to you!

yellowdog granny said...

wow, such an abundance of good tits, kid close to you and fried cookies...and willie is on his keeping both of the willies by the way..i may tease david with it for a few months..
i told you it would be have to learn to turst me and have faith in the goddess...she said for me to tell you...chin up..tits out...
i love you..

Juanuchis said...

Oh, this is fabulous news on several fronts, huzzah!!

Hole-in-the-wall looks cool too. :)

Send me an email through my blog and I'll send you some of my artwork. Dunno why your browser is blocking pics from my blog.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Hey, McCraven

I think I've only posted here once before; a few days ago, maybe...I commented on your post about how your work sucks; cause mine does too but this I'm on vacation and it's great weather, so life is good.

Congratulations on your reconstruction. If I lost one or both, I'd sure want to get me some made too! :-)

I'll bet you look great!


Allan said...

A fried Twinkie? I think that's illegal in New Jersey...glad to see you enjoying life! Thanks for the vicarious eating adventure.