Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bosom Swell I have Swell

This post is a goof on me. I'm teetering back and forth today with emotions and so with trying to stay happy I took these photo's of my swell to lighten my mood. Bosom Swell or My Bear Never Looked So Good...My feathers used to droop now they have the nice curve up turn. hehehehe


yellowdog granny said...! so happy for you and bruce..but then i figure bruce is pretty happy for his ownself..hahah

Nit Wit said...

Looking good! Hmmm I wonder what The Boss is doing?
I don't see any new braids in the locks. I hope that's a good thing. :)

billy pilgrim said...

perky feathers.

so you got that going for you too, which is nice.

kath said...

nice! very nice..... I have not even had cleavage since I nursed my daughter......

buy new clothes!

glad you are not crying every day.. makes your eyes all red... it will draw attention away from fortcoming boobies.

buddha_girl said...

Boobies and feathers and cleavage - OH MY! You're a survivor, and I'm so proud of you!

McRaven said...

JS Bruce bellied laughed when he read your comment!

Mr. NitWit they have treated me like gold for the last couple of days. They are really short staffed and with the nice weather the drunks and addicts are in full swing. We had two guys brought in yesterday who are best friends and are frequent fliers and are homeless. And I kid you not their names are Daryl and Daryl. They were found passed out on the edge of the woods. The cops always bring them to us. They are very nice drunks and outright funny when they wake up.

Leo perky feathers is all one can hope for.

Kath thank you for visiting me and leaving such great comments!

buddha_girl You like JS are the best. I get these cards in the mail just at the right time and they restore my spirit. Thank you so much!


to everyone.


sageweb said...

Oh I am so happy for your bear, he even looks happy. I am happy for you too.

tsduff said...

Nothing as fun as making your Bear happy :-) And those feathers are lovely bobbing above the swell. You are a great one for taking a bummer and turning it into something better.

Nit Wit said...

Just a silly thought. I guess after this kind of surgery ou don't look forward to the swelling going down.
I know I'm a dumb shit. Now you do too. :)

Allan said...

I like your rising Bear.

McRaven said...

Sage & ts It's been a process and I am thankful for the talented Dr Melissa artist hand with boobs.

Nitwit the swelling won't go down. that is my reconstruction surgery. I have expanders under my chest muscles with implants. Every two weeks I go in and they put 100cc's of saline water in them to stretch the skin and muscle. At the end of may I will go and have all that taken out and they will put in the permanent silicone implants. Then they will take skin from my stomach and skin from my vagina and reconstruct my nipples. I kid you not the outcome is beautiful new boobies. I may post a picture when they are all done. :)

Allen :)

yellowdog granny said...

guess who showed up on my porch this afternoon?...the two willies...and the great sister book...and you are my sister...js
i loooooooooooooove the willies...can't wait to get to town so I can frame them..this makes 4 paintings sent to me by my cyber family...well, one is my family..the mermaid that tastes like chicken..ha