Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fuck Work

I went to the doctors yesterday and got another fill. 100 cc on each side. So my chest just feels very tight and uncomfortable. Doesn't hurt...just very uncomfortable.

I got a my doctor’s release to go back to work with some restrictions. Restrictions were no precautions rooms, no double patient rooms. She stated I could work in the ED and single patient rooms.

Work called today and told me to stay home. Until I get a full release with no restrictions I cannot go back to work. My reconstruction surgery could take up to a full year.

I can’t look for another job without full disclosure of what my health issues are. And with said who the fuck will hire me under those conditions?

I talked to Terry Spencer today and I asked her this, if all this bullshit with human resources is true and they follow all the rules, then how come after our "big meeting" and Paula’s warning of where we are stationed we are to stay, no trading for any reason...why then on February 5th on the 11:00pm - 7:00am shift I was assigned the ED and Gloria was assigned South 2 was I made to trade with her? Gloria said she had health issues and could not physically take care of the patient in South 2. I said to Gloria "you are being paid the same wages as me to do the same job as me, if you can’t do the job you should go home." She replied "I have health issues!" So I asked Terry Spencer why is Gloria still working? How come she doesn't have a doctors release stating full release, how come she is still working? She did not have an answer for me but assured me she would send out an e-mail to all supervisors stating CA’s once they are assigned, cannot be made to trade for health reason’s.

Also why did I work 3 days last week before they decided this week to let me go?

You know what I say after 5 years of service to that hospital...

yeah right, the rules change hour by hour, shift by shift, supervisor by supervisor...I told Terry Spencer that every supervisor has their pet and the rules don't apply to them. I'm nobodies pet and I'm not a fucking brown noser so I'm up shit creek without a paddle and a hole in my canoe.

I called my Doctor and asked her to give me a full release...she probably won't and so here I sit...depressed and pissed waiting for a phone call back deciding my life.


buddha_girl said...

What the fuck? I concur with you - why the hell were you accepted back and then suddenly told to stay home?

Do you have short-term disability or a plethora of sick days?

I wish I had an answer for all of this. Perhaps...union? Is the hospital unionized? Do you know the protocol for grievances with supervisors? All HR departments are supposed to have this.

Other than that, I'm just so damn sorry for you, Nancy. No one should have to go through cancer, surgeries, reconstruction, copious infections AND deal with work-related SHIT as well.

kath said...

That doesn't sound right. Do you have a handbook? Unless it states loud and clear that you cannot work under restrictions.. then there should be no problems..

I hope you get this sorted, or find a better easier job.....

sageweb said...

Wow I think you have rights and your rights are not being honored. Make sure you are not being treated un fair.

I hope you dont let this stress you too much. Be strong you need to be to get better.

yellowdog granny said...

ok....here's what i would do..i'd google cancer victim rights..find a great attorney who will work probono and they will just for the newsworthness of this case and sue them motherfuckers into another time zone...i'll help...in the meantime..sit around and get pissed..cause the more pissed off you get the madder you'll get and the more apt you will be to do something about this unjustice...got it..?

yellowdog granny said...

check them out...js

McRaven said...

Thanks JS for the ideas. I did Google and one sight looked really professional so I left them my phone number and they let you tell them your story. We will see what happens.

I am per diem so I have no benefits. We use Bruce's benefits for medical, but we need both pay checks to survive.

My next thought was to see about social security short term disability, to look into that.

I just feel so hopeless, I'm trying to stay well but this stress is just killing me. I had cancer, I got treatment and continue to do so so why are they (work) kicking me while I'm down? I have a doctor's note saying I can work certain jobs so why won't they let me? I would love to go there and talk face to face with HR but for some reason I can't stop crying today.

tsduff said...

It seems like you must have some kind of disability coverage... ahh hon I'm so sorry. This crap sucks rocks. You need an advocate on your side from your place of employment - is there anyone in the HR department who will go to bat for you? You are right to bring up the inconsistancy of your employer letting others work when they are restricted, but not you. I know you know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease - just hang in there until you feel a bit better, and then squeak like crazy. xoxo

Rainwolf said...

Ditto everybody else, something's wrong here. My sister's place of employment tried to pull the same shit on her when she was pregnant, didn't want to let her work with restrictions, she bitched her way to the top and got that fixed. Feel better and go talk to HR about the whole mess and see if they can show you in writing what the policy actually is.

Mama Kelly said...

Oh hun!!!

I am so sorry for all of the BS they are putting you through

I do not know what else to say

{{{{{ }}}}

texlahoma said...

I don't know if it applies but what about unemployment?

Allan said...

Call a lawyer, your local TV stations and newspapers and the SSD Admin.
I'm sure your employer would love the free publicity you could generate in your new-found 'time-off'.

Peace be with.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

fuckers. ask them if they have ever heard of the ADA and then do what Allan said.