Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mammogram Fun :)

No, that’s not a picture of me. It’s a picture of what I went through yesterday. I had an appointment at 2:15 and I was there until almost 4:00. Who knew your boobs could be squished so many ways? They took a first set of pictures and then had me wait for almost an hour and took another set of pictures and had me wait so more. They had all my reports from all the other test I had including MIR.

What was so nice about this one was the Dr. of Radiology for this place asked the tech to ask me if I had any questions, he would talk to me. First question, did the mammogram show the same spots as the MIR? No, the mammogram showed nothing at all. Second question, why didn’t it? MIR is way more advanced then mammogram in detail. Third question, isn’t cancer a big detail? Yes, and MIR can detect it far earlier then mammogram, the spots on your MIR probably wouldn’t show up on your mammogram for another year or two. Shaking my head in disbelief.

This is the same thing that happened to my sister in-law Candy and my mother in-law. Both their mammograms showed nothing at all, but the ultra sounds and MIR’s showed differently. I wrote about Candy a while back. She’s still doing great and my mother in-law had a lumpectomy is still crabby and bossy so she’s good. So what I am telling you is this…If you have cancer in your family and your mammograms come up clean, maybe you should dig deeper with another test especially if you have symptoms of great fatigue and just not feeling well. Listen to your body.

I have an appointment with my surgeon on Thursday. He is then going to send me to Hartford for the PET scan. This is the newest technology. It can determine if your spots are cancer or benign by heat. Then we will go from there.

Bruce wants to take some naughty pictures of my boobs I think it’s all the pain drugs he’s on. Second thought it may not be such a bad idea. Pictures of the puppies incase they have to go. A nice glossy 8″ by 10″ above the mantle. hehehehehehe

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