Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rebuild or Move On?

The struggle is passing, as you allow it to move. As you release what could have been and what was. When you soften that resistance and pause for a moment. Allowing those tears to fall, allowing that anger to rise. For these moments are intense. They are large waves crashing down. Admit you are struggling. Give up if you have to, wipe your hands of it all. Then something will hear a sweet call. This call echoes deeply in this heart of yours. Your soul steps forward with its comfort and care. The deepest surrender, of letting go is here. Know you are ready and that you will not feel this way forever. The reason for this feeling is not something you may understand. Find some peace with this, and trust everything is how it needs to be. You cleanse, you purify, you surrender it now. Dropping all baggage, allow it to fall.
You understand that there is purpose to this painful situation. To teach. To teach. To teach.
Now it is up to you. To learn from it, and then release it completely taking the lesson into your now. Or you could change it, make it better with love, understanding, forgiveness and moving on. Letting it go and moving forward better than before.
Rebuilding from the ruins. Wiser and stronger.


texlahoma said...

I love the header pic.

I was listening to a guy the other day, he believes in reincarnation,as I do. He said "We are all doomed, 100 years from now we will all be through with this life, so you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

I believe that our consciousness survives death and that we are eternal and that Earth is a kind of classroom that we all volunteered for.
It's hard to keep that perspective in mind, but it helps me when I can.

McRaven said...

Hi Tex! That is a photo of my best friend and dog Makita. He's half New Newfoundland and half retriever. :)

billy pilgrim said...

makita looks wise and beautiful.

move on or rebuild?

i don't know the answer to that question. if in doubt, do nothing.

you can always do it tomorrow but you can't always undo tomorrow what you do today.

McRaven said...

Awww Billy Leo you are wise and beautiful too! I am waiting. See what a new week will bring..

texlahoma said...

When I was a kid I had a half Lab half St Bernard, it looked a lot like Makita.