Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday 12/13/2014

I have the next three days off. I need them. Since I got back from Minnesota I have been sick with this horrendous head cold. It's not been pretty. Snotty nose, coughing and sneezing. Not to mention my bursitis of the hip. Limping while I sneeze and cough.

My emotions have been everywhere. Missing Piper and family. The mess with Lorrie. The thing with the mess with Lorrie is that she accepts NO part in all of what happened. That bothers me the most. I admit my part. I apologized that I wrote about it. But she has always been her worst enemy. Never accepting that she might have done something wrong and never apologizing. Like when she ignored me when I was telling her about Ricki. Like when she would not cross the street when I came to visit her. I was carrying a stupid book on friendship to give her and that book came home with me. She completely ignores the things she does that hurt me but she is the best Christian around. Posting stuff about God and Jesus all the time. Really? Seriously, Christians are the worst people for causing pain and suffering. So in writing about it again I am trying to work it out which is hard to do by yourself. I called her but she won't answer the phone. So childish. Jesus Christ we are 60 years old...time to grow up don't you think?

Sorry didn't mean to go off on a tangent but I love her and this hurts. Who am I going to talk to about it? Bruce doesn't give a shit about this. So I come here.

Okay I have three days off. Time to get some stuff done. Coffee is first. Getting on is second. 

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