Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why I Went To Minnesota...

This is why I went to Minnesota. Her. My only grandchild. I didn't go to rekindle long lost friendships. I didn't go to see my kids. I didn't go to see my sisters, nieces, or nephews. I went to see her. To spend as much time as I could with her. Piper Eleanore. 

She is my joy. My bliss. She asked to take a selfie with grandma on her Kindle showing our matching spaces. She loved my stories. Let me tell you there is nothing like a grandchild. Nothing. They are what is right in the world. The children.

The rest of my trip was gravy. The rich creamy good kind. I rekindled a friendship that started before kindergarten. This woman is Jeanne Byron. My older sister and hers were friends. We were starting kindergarten at Saint Rose in the fall of 1959. Our sisters thought it would be easier for us if we had a friend to start with. So my sister Lee and Jeanne's sister Patty introduced us. OMG! We were besties from day one. So many good memories.

She showed up at the hotel with a handful of suckers and a story. It was a true story of how we parted ways. Her gesture and being there humbled me. I love you Jeanne. Adult friendship is rekindled. Better. No blame and an apology with suckers. So happy we will continue our friendship. Very excited about her and her husband coming out for a visit in the fall. She is such a loving, giving person. So happy we are friends again.

Seeing my sisters and their daughters was pure joy. Having Piper meet her dad's half of the family priceless. It was a wonderful five days!. 

Piper, me and two of my nieces Dawn and Angie

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