Monday, December 15, 2014

Makita...means forever friend in Russian...

I'm 61 going on 62 and Makita is THE best dog I have ever had. I am thinking the Universe saved the best for last. We rescued him from Sitka, Alaska. His owner had him and his sister but lost his job and could not afford their care. His sister got adopted right away but no one wanted this BIG black dog. A friend I have never met posted his photo on Facebook. I fell in love with his face. I told her if you can get him to me I will take him. Up in Alaska they take them out back when their time is up and they shoot them point blank right between the eyes. She said she would go to the pound and get him and their rescue group would fly him into Boston. All I had to do was pick him up. All vet care would be done for his flight here.

In the mean time the man's son heard they were going to shoot him and broke into the pound and kidnapped him. He knew what a good dog he was and didn't want him killed. Sitka is not that big and my friend tracked him down got the dog whose name was formally Chubs and flew him into Boston. 

When he came out of that crate at Boston airport I could not believe how beautiful and happy he was. He came running at me full speed. He loved me from the get go and he is such a good dog. I love him with all my heart. He was ten months old when I got him. He will be four in May.

I loved him sight unseen and when I finally met him he seemed to come straight from heaven. He is my best friend and my greatest comfort. 


texlahoma said...

He sure looks happy sitting in your lap.

billy pilgrim said...

wow, that must have been a big crate!

psychiatrists are amateurs compared to dogs when it comes to unconditional positive support.

and dogs don't get you addicted to drugs.