Monday, January 14, 2008

Taken From My Journal

How does one get right with God? Do you confess all your sins and ask to be forgiven? I just don't know how to get right with God when I have some intense anger towards him. I get angry with my children but my love for them always win out. I have no love for God, so my anger is unresolved. Was my whole childhood a lie. The Catholic church taught me to have a personal relationship with God. My parents taught me the same. Now as an adult all I feel is turmoil with God.
My husband is the best!
I'm tired and I'm just beginning this fight. This battle that GOD has given me, what? You say it's not from GOD but from Satan who has control of all illnesses. Why does Satan have control of my life? I am a good person, so this makes no sense to me, this answer. I am so lost in all of this Christian theory.

I am thankful to Creator for my life.


billy pilgrim said...

don't worry about getting right with god. he/she is almost impossible to please.

i think bruce is the closest thing to god in your life.

oh yeah, toss out absolutely everything the catholic church taught you. if i was god, i would be totally pissed with them.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

For what it's worth, I dont believe in any religion defined by man. I don't believe in "God" and I don't believe in "Satan" the way the churches teach - seems like manmade bullshit for purposes of social control.

I do believe in nature and that some being greater than I created it and I am a part of it. Look to your Native American beliefs, Nancy; they will give you greater comfort than the Catholic Church could ever dream of.

Babs said...

I'd be pissed too. I'm pissed for you.

texlahoma said...

Everything that I've seen in nature tells me that God, for whatever reason, made things to work automatically. So I don't think God gave you cancer and I sure don't think the Devil had anything to do with it. Forget all the religious stuff. The you, that honest, well meaning little girl inside. That's who God knows, just talk to him, he loves you, he's not mad at you. Anyway, that's just the way I look at it.

yellowdog granny said...

well, i had a nice chat with the goddess and she said cancer is random...God didn't allow it..the devil didn't give it to's a crap shoot...but she is working on your am I and all your friends..I know they along with me are praying for your good health...

billy pilgrim said...

hope everything's ok.

buddha_girl said...

I was raised Catholic and reject just about everything that church attempted to use when trying to indoctrinate me.

I agree with the people above - God didn't give it to you. Satan? Whatever. It's random shit. It's not fair. You don't have to get right with God.

You only need to lean on those who love you, openly ask for support, and know that you're not as alone as you feel. You're stronger than you know right now because we're all behind you.

Much love and strength coming your way.