Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Sister Lee

This picture is of my daughters BooBoo, Aunty Lee, & AmyMy sister Lee is my hero. She is the bravest warrior I know. She was diagnosed 5 years ago. She had radical bilateral mastectomies with the reconstruction surgery. She is a survivor! She's made it 5 years cancer free. She recently went in to have her nipples put on. They take skin from two different areas to construct a nipple. Area one is your vagina, area two is your stomach.

Today she called me and shared this story with me. She went in to see her plastic surgeon to check her new nipples and to remove the stitches from the other areas. She said he took the bandages off and wouldn't let her look. He said they are nice and pink and look great. He then re bandaged them. He had to leave the room for a minute and she peeked at her new nipples and almost had a heart attack. There is a reason they don't want you to see them until they are done and all healed. It is a skin drafting so it takes 6 weeks about to heal.

So when he came back in she asked him "The place you took the skin from is hairy, will my nipples be hairy?" She's a sneaky one my sister. The doctor laughed and said that is nothing. You see an electrolysis after you are done. I was laughing so hard. Hairy nipples. hahahahahaha

Lee is my hero. She's prepared me for what lies a head. She shares her laughter and her tears with me and I love her so much! What a woman! Sisters, older sisters know and lead the way for their younger sister and I am so thankful, hairy nipples and all.

I promised her I wouldn't tell anybody about the hairy nipples story, so you didn't hear it from me.


texlahoma said...

It must help a lot to have someone to tell you what to expect.
I could see that becoming an expression "You've got me by the nipple hairs on that one!" or "I'd like to tell them off but they've kind of got me by the nipple hairs, so I'd better not."

yellowdog granny said...

ahh, how great is it that you have her ....hairy nipples and all...wish I was there to give you a big ole texas hug...come to west for westfest...buddha girl is coming, junebugg is coming, babs is here and sooner is supposed to come down too...we need you to make the circle complete..

Rocky (Racquel) said...

I read this yesterday and nearly pissed myself laughing. Happy new year to Nancy Bear and Hairy Lee!