Monday, January 7, 2008

Lethal Injection

"You have the right to die with dignity," said Joshi, a political science and religion major at New Jersey's Rutgers University. Sperling, a psychology and religion major at New York University, said serving a life prison term is the appropriate alternative to the death penalty.

The Kentucky inmates say there are problems with the three drugs that are administered in succession to knock out, paralyze and kill prisoners.

The argument against the three-drug protocol is that if the initial anesthetic does not take hold, a third drug that stops the heart can cause excruciating pain. But that pain would be masked by the second drug that paralyzes the prisoner and renders him unable to express his discomfort. (this sounds OK to me, let the killer feel a little terrified and some pain)

God forbid 'these' people should feel any pain. Although they may have skinned their victim alive or drilled holes in their victims skull and pour acid in the holes like Jeffery Dahmer did.

I'm all for going back to the 'old fashion' way, get a strong rope and hang'em from the tallest tree.


yellowdog granny said...

hang'em hang'em hang 'em from the highest treeeeee. oh woman will you weep for me....
yeah, tell that to the mother of some baby that was rapped and killed,and see if she gives a shit the killer might experience some pain before he 'passes over'...yeah, fuckem

billy pilgrim said...

send them to an off world klingon penal colony and let them work in the trilium mines.

the klingons know how to rehabilitate criminals.

buddha_girl said...

Hell, send 'em to my classroom. I'll deny my ADHD kids their meds. They'll kill those fuckers...slowly. That's what those idiots deserve.

Got your email. Keep the faith, sister. We all have a story to tell, whether we like it or not.

texlahoma said...

It must be nice to have so much faith in the legal system.