Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Starting Over Again

So here I am once again starting over. Starting over gives me hope like a new day beginning again.

Where shall I start?

I guess I wanted a place to go to write about my feelings and my journey with breast cancer. Right now in this moment I am too tired to start. Not to start, but to continue this post. So maybe tomorrow, there is always tomorrow.


yellowdog granny said...

I have missed you so much..and worry about you all the time...drop the news on me and then disappear again...don't do that...stay in touch with me...babs is doing great and is moving to the apts here with me in cool is that?
welcome back my little lakota princess..

Rocky (Racquel) said...


I have missed you soooo much and I can't keep up with MySpace Facebook and Blogger!!


McRaven said...

awwwww you guys! I love you to. I have missed old blogger.

JS good for Babs, to be close to you. I'm envious. To have wonderful girlfriends surround you is heaven!