Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wild Rice Soup

So I had a bowl of my wild rice soup and it revived me.

I saw my plastic surgeon on Monday. Her name is Melissa Johnson, Dr. Melissa Johnson. I am so blessed to have these women doctors taking care of me. My breast surgeon is one of the best on the East Coast. Her name is Dr. Holly Mason. My oncologist is the best too, Dr. Hetzel. He's a Yankee's fan, but I won't hold that against him.

I went for my 6 month mammogram. It showed a spot on my right breast that wasn't there 6 months ago. So I was biopsied. It came back as ductal carcinoma. Let me tell you the best laid plans of mice & men always get sidetracked by life.

Dr. Hetzel signed me up with Dr. Holly. The original plan was to do a partial breast removal with 6 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week. I was resigned to do it so I dug out Ricki's orange radio active shirt to wear to radiation. I thought it was funny. Apparently I was the only one.

Anyway I got my appointment with Dr. Holly and after reviewing my medical records and family history we decided on a bilateral radical mastectomy. Both breast gone. She asked me if I wanted to reconstruct my breast? Sure, why not?

That led me to Dr. Melissa. Let me tell you what an experience picking out new boobies. What size cup do you want? What shape, tear drop or round? Where would you like them placed, up high or down low? While I'm doing your boobs I'll suction out this fat here under your arms and tighten it up... Jesus Christ I'll have the boobs I had when I was 15 and my droopy face won't match. the only thing that would stop the reconstruction is while I'm under they will biopsy the tissue that is left, if there is any live cancer cells I will have to do chemo and or radiation first then the new boobs after.

So I should get a surgery date sometime in the first half of Jan.

That is my journey. The journey I'm on right now. To be cancer free.

My sister Lee got her new nipples on Monday. She loves them. They took the skin from her vagina and constructed beautiful nipples. I have that to look forward to.

Bruce is getting new boobs for Christmas. He liked the tear drop shape, up high and a good size C cup...


yellowdog granny said...

judas priest...on top of all that's going get to pick out new tits? cool is that...
I'm surprised that he didn't ask for three of them..ha

billy pilgrim said...

you're a tough one mcraven. i'm sure you'll knock the crap out of those feckin freeloading cancer cells.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

WTF??? Damn that cancer!?! I so thought this was going to be a non-issue - obviously I'm freakin' wrong!!!

*trying not to go into panic mode here*

PS I think the orange radiation shirt is hilarious