Friday, December 21, 2007

For Rocky

So here is the scoop of what is going on to catch Rocky up.

A year ago or so I had two lumpectomies. This gave me a diagnose of lobular carcinoma SITU through out both breast. Non evasive cancer that could become active in the future.

I had my 6 month mammogram. Clear, no new spots.

I had my next 6 month mammogram. Not so good. It showed a new spot on my right breast. I had that biopsied and that came back as ductal carcinoma. Cancer. Ductal carcinoma is different then lobular carcinoma SITU. It can kill you. So I had three different doctor visits with three different doctors. Dr. Hetzel, my medical oncologist, Dr. Holly Mason my oncologist breast surgeon, and Dr. Melissa Johnson my plastic surgeon for re constructive surgery.

After the double mastectomies if the good tissue that is left shows no signs of live cancer cells I will have the re constructive surgery right after. If there are any live cancer cells in the healthy tissue or any of the lymph nodes I will have to do chemo and or radiation, then the re constructive surgery.

So yesterday the good social worker called me to see what state of mind I was in...I was fine like I said until she started bring up stuff that I had made my peace with and it just started my emotions rolling.

I'm better today. Bruce is my rock. He knows me so well, and he uses his knowledge to say just what I need to hear. I am truly blessed to have this man in my life at this time.

I've been working on a collage journal and will post some photo's of it. My way of working through it. I'm glad I am back and have you wonderful people to see me though. I've missed you. You are the best of the best! Thank you for putting up with me for so long! :)


yellowdog granny said...

dont try sucking up to us little asshole..we would have been with you all the time if you would have let us know...that's what friends are for..good times and let us in on the good and then cut us out on the bad....that's not a good makes me feel like you didn't trust us to do the right im pissed at you..but i love you so i will forgive you..just always know that I am a phone call away...babs and i both...lean on us....we both have big ole shoulders and big ole tits...chin up tits out..

McRaven said...


Rocky (Racquel) said...

yeh! what jackiesue said...'cept the tits out part seems so...well, uniquely jackiesue!


Rocky (Racquel) said...

PS I love your journal