Sunday, October 1, 2006

What I Did Last Week

Spent some time with my niece and great nephew, aint he cute? His smile lights up the room!

Taught my daughter how to fly my broom.

Spent some time with my favorite brother- in- law Marvin, my daughter Boo and her friend John. Yes, I have a green thumb and those are my plants and trees in the back ground.

It was strange to see my baby drink a glass of wine in front of me, but she’s 23 and not a baby anymore.

This was actually funny, Bruce’s sister Pat uses fly paper in her kitchen. She had it hanging from her light fixture and Boo’s hair got stuck in it.

This was Boo’s last night here. John was her boyfriend when she was 16 and they still are friends. This was taken in front of my house.

I had a very busy week and I enjoyed seeing my baby girl. When she left yesterday I felt a great sadness and loss. I haven’t stopped crying. I can feel this depression coming on. I talked to my sister Lee and when she asked about Boo I couldn’t talk about it without crying. I miss my kids so much it hurts. I am going home and have 6 boxes packed. May 07 I AM MOVING BACK HOME TO MINNESOTA!

This summer sucked from all the sickness, surgeries and now one more surgery. I am going in the hospital on Tuesday for another surgery to remove the tennis ball size lump under my arm caused by the surgery to remove the original lump. This lump is a huge solid blood clot. I’m sick of doctors and I’m sick of being sick. I want my fucking life back. I want to go back to work.

The rent is due tomorrow and we are a $100.00 short. We are down to one car because the other one died for good. We are getting behind in everything. I told Bruce today it’s the hard times that keeps people together…they are too fucking broke to leave! My son is sending me a couple of hundred dollars, Creator bless him and his wife. Hopefully I can get my ass back to work by the end of next week. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I am going home in May, so I got that going for me.

Added on this morning at 8:27 AM, Oct. 1, 2006

I woke up to rainy cold weather and smiled. I love this kind of weather. It keeps me cool when hot flashes attack. It makes my hair look like Stevie Nicks hair or witchy big hair.

Menopause has hit me hard and furious these past two weeks and my hormones are running wild and free and making me a little crazy and emotional. My GYN doc wants to put me on low doses of effexafuck or Lexie, she says it helps with the hot flashes. I told her I’m already taking a low (25 mg) of anti depression med to help me sleep at night so I really didn’t feel like it. She said if I want a natural remedy, black cohash was the best.

Willie Nelson made a statement to the press saying “he was lucky he had a bag of pot, if it had been a bag of spinach he would be dead.” I found this totally funny. Willie ROCKS!

Went to the used book store with BooBoo and John, and John bought me a book written by Willie with all his poetry. Some of it he had to be high when he wrote it because the verses were funny. Like this one where she’s the string connected to the wrong yoyo, meaning him. Good ole Willie.

Bruce is still sleeping and I’m thinking about waking him up to make coffee. He makes the best coffee & breakfastest (is that a word?) in the world. We are going to clean out some closets today and throw some stuff out to start getting ready to move this spring.

Have a great and glorious day everyone.

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