Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Crap I am feeling so emotional. I feel like I did right before I used to get my period. I haven't had a period in 2 years so why are my hormones running a muck and toying with my emotions?

This morning I wanted to kill, hurt and maim. This afternoon I want to hide in my cave and cry. Crap. Crap. Double crap. It's only Tuesday.

I got my primary care Doctor's orders in the mail the other day and I had a lab appointment at my son's doctor's office yesterday. I got there and the lab people couldn't make out the orders for metabolic make up. I explained that I had a Gastric by-pass and he wants to check out my nutrition and how my body is reacting to starving basically. Had I been home I would have had at least three doctor's appointments since my surgery to see how my body is doing. This is just blood work. The lab people then ask me what is my doctor's name? I say isn't it on the orders? How do you say it? Dr. Ro. RO (Row) She tells her assistant to punch it in and see if he is in the system...hello dumb ass he won't be in your system because as I have told you now three times I came from Massachusetts to help my son for a few months and I need some blood work done while I am here. The movie Fargo comes to mind eh!

It ends up I have to make a new appointment for Saturday so they can call Dr. Ro and ask him what he means by metabolic work up. Lab person assures me they will have it all figured out by Saturday. I'm not feeling so secure in their ability to understand anything.


billy pilgrim said...

i think you should head home and start looking after yourself.

maybe bruce should order you home so the mean daughter in law won't blame you for making her clean up her own dog shit.

buddha_girl said...

I'm with Billy. I said the same thing to myself while waiting for this stupid comment window to open.

I know about this surgery first-hand. Even with excellent medical care, support from loved ones, and effort on your own part, your body will rebel on you if you don't stop this debacle from snowballing and taking you OUT.

It doesn't matter if you take such great care of OTHERS - as long as you don't take great care of YOURSELF, no one will see you as important enough to CARE FOR.

tsduff said...

I used to believe in doctors like I believed in Presidents: they seem like the perfect authoritarian, trustable figure and who wouldn't believe in them? Now I've learned better. Trust only yourself.

yellowdog granny said...

go home and get your regular dr. to check you out..and then wait for the daughter in law to beg you to come back..absence makes the brain smarten up...trust me.

Rainwolf said...

Stress screws with my emotions, might have something to do with yours?
I've pretty much decided the entire medical profession sucks.