Monday, January 5, 2009


Sister Lee
Lee and grand-son Ben
Niece Chloe' and Dawn and below human Popsicles...Lee, Chloe', me and Carl

Taking care of Piper is why I came out here and the rest of stuff is just gravy.

I'm having a good time for the most part. I just spent 5 days in Duluth playing in the snow. The picture above was taken at the Warmer By The Lake festival. There was a storm coming in off of Lake Superior and the wind chill was -50. A good frozen time was had by all. I am the one in orange and the rest are my nieces.

I'm back in Minneapolis taking care of Piper and sometimes the days are very long. I'd forgotten what it was like to stay home and take care of a baby...Bless all the young moms out there.

This week-end will suck because I am stuck here. I wish I had a car and a job. I do have those things just not here. I guess I should just sit back and enjoy these months off before too long I will be complaining about work.

I have lost 65 pounds but right now hit a spot weight were I seem to be staying. My hair is falling out by the handfuls. You can lose 40 to 50 percent of your hair, no one told me that before the surgery. So I just pick it up and throw it in the garbage. O well, it's only hair and hopefully it will grow back.

I'm taking more vitamins and herbs then Heinz has pickles. Every 2 hours, three or four supplements. Extra B12, D, C and horsetail, garlic and some stuff I can't spell.

It's hard to get on line here because I have to use my son's computer which he is pretty touchy about. Don't do this, don't do that...

Just wanted to write a small blog and I have...


yellowdog granny said...

glad you are keeping up with us...glad things are going well. Can't you take the bus down and drive your car back?
or have dipshit drive it down and he ride the bus back?..ha..i like that one better.
tell the son you deserve some computer time for all that your doing with miss piper...and send me sizes again...really girl..everything is on sale here..

billy pilgrim said...

orange suits you. you're the best looking one in the photo.

happy feckin new year!!

50 below! i'm crying the blues at a few degrees below zero.

Mama Kelly said...

I am so glad to see you posting. I have missed reading your blog. You weight loss is amaing it just sucks about the hair loss.

Be well
Be blessed

Mama Kelly

sageweb said...

So glad to hear from you. YOu look great. I hope all is well and you are happy/

Rainwolf said...

Looks like you're having fun. Way too damn cold for me.
Good to hear from you!

tsduff said...

OH have missed you! Your Banner is stunningly lovely - orange just blazes the gloom away. Bless you and may peace and happiness rain down upon you out there in the frozen white. I hope you can stand it - I don't know how you an but good luck! You have Piper to make it worthwhile :)