Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Few Poems by me

Between Loss And Reality

There is a space between loss and reality,
days with empty pages; reminding
you of the inexplicable way you
harmonized in reality and dreams
with the one who left.

Outside my window children playing.
Looking out I am surprised
that life goes on, even now in this
blank space between loss and reality.

How powerful your voice is now
that I can no longer hear it.
Remembering your laughter,
your kidding; your reasoning.
Listening now to your deafening silence,
leaves me feeling insignificant
in your eyes; otherwise how could you
have left me here had you loved me?

This cruel stubbornness like salt
between us, keeping us separate
and miserable; neither one wanting
to appear needy or weak; so we go
on alone and hurting.

Not that there haven't been times before
seconds, minutes; hours when we were
not speaking; but we always found our way
back to each other; always. Now there is
just this blank space between loss and reality.

July 17, 1999


I dance in the thunderstorm of life's turbulence,
Fueling the thirst of deserts loneliness,
Loneliness made tangible by your silence.

The fog moves silently through the valleys of thought,
Blocking my rational viewpoint.
The mist of sadness reflection unmistakable.

I go on weaving the rhythms of my breath
With each beat of my heart
Weaving, weaving, breathing, still alive.

June 24,1999

Unconditional written March 2001

My heart and soul,
I want you with my heart and soul.

I see the pain that is yours,
I want to cover you with a blanket of love
and take your hurt away.

I want to hold your face in my hands
and look into your eyes,
telling you everything will be all right.

I want to be your safe haven,
a place you can come
and be loved just for yourself.

Love is unconditional,
I would ask nothing of you.

Your sorrow's have touched me deeply.
I wrap myself up in them feeling you,
I feel your truth, honesty and integrity,
It is a code which I live by.

Our paths crossed because we mirrored
each other in thoughts and emotions.

You can be with me
and we can just be us,
no shame, no blame, we can just be,
two souls who need
the warmth of each other's love.

No expectations, no demands;
Unconditional love for you and I.


yellowdog granny said...

nancy!....these are have so much talent...i'm so jealous of all that you can do...i love you for who you are and what you feel...js

tsduff said...

Your words left me choked up - you sure evoke emotion with your words. You are a woman with many talents.

joy said...

Wonderful poetry!