Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's the worst day of the year weather wise but Bruce & I trudge through it to get to the hospital for my surgery. We are in the waiting room and Toni & Sarah show up. Those two girls are in my top three now. They deserve to be there. They kept me laughing and calm. Toni brought me lots of chocolate from her & Joe. Chocolate kisses and peanut M & M's...

We wait and wait. Finally they call my name. I go in get undressed put on the Johhny. The RN gives me a 10 mg Oxy. They whisk me off to nuclear medicine where I have five injections of dye shot into my right breast and they take the xrays they need of the lymph nodes for surgery. They take me back to my cubicle where Bruce & Toni & Sarah keep me company.

The man who puts me to sleep comes in and is in a pissy mood and he whines to the RN he has no room to do his thing and he leaves and his assistant comes in and does his job. I prefer her. She is nicer. I ask her what's wrong with him? The plastic surgeon comes in and writes and draws lines in black permanent sharpie marker all over my chest from my neck down. RN starts an IV. They give me fluids through the IV along with antibiotics.

Then they (the surgical team) decide because I had...had the flu a few days earlier that they would not do the surgery today.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

The only good thing about the whole day was Toni & Sarah. They had to pretend they were my daughters because it was immediate family only. Sarah kept calling me Nancy and so we said she was Bruce's daughter, my step daughter and Toni was my biological daughter from my first marriage and Joe was my son in law. Bruce was Dad and somethings got to be pretty funny. Like when I asked Toni how she broke her nose and she replied your my mother you should know...

Those two girls just don't know how much they mean to me. I love them very much. I want to thank them both for showing up on the worst weather day to be with this old lady. Thank you my adopted daughters.

Thank you Mr. Bruce you are the best!

I got a call from my plastic surgeon we are looking at Feb. 27th to reschedule surgery. And yes I will have to do the nuclear medicine all over again...


yellowdog granny said...

rocky told me she had called you and you were all sunshinny ..and didn't know if it was your nature or the drugs..i said a little of both im glad they decided to wait till you were better...just think their timing sucked..glad you had the girls and bruce there for you..wish i was there you my friend..

yellowdog granny said... left off a fuck..
it's fuckity fuck fuck fuck!

billy pilgrim said...

that totally sucks.

god owes you big time after that little occurrence.

buddha_girl said...

This is completely ridiculous. Yeah. Like you needed me to point that little fact out to you.

I read the flu and WalMart post. I wish I had been at the Ass Whooping Place to help you through that horror show.

You need to email your MAILING address to me asap. I have something for you. Got that?

Much love and comfort coming your way from Virginia. *hard hugs*