Monday, February 25, 2008

Buddha Love

This is an antique fan Bruce bought me a few years back. He also found the Buddha statue below that matches it.

These are some of my favorite Buddhas. I started collecting them a few years back. Bruce bought me the electric one on Saturday. It was a must have it now sorrta thing.

So tomorrow I go for the nuclear shots and lymph node detection. Then Wed. the big day finally.

Today I dusted all of my Buddhas and I talked to them. I love them. They are all fat and happy. Just look at their smiles. And they have boobs. I love them.

God bless Buddha. Amen.


yellowdog granny said...

goddess bless you..will call thursday...i love you..

buddha_girl said...

You will receive more Buddha Love through the mail soon. You are hereby ordered to take said love with you when you go on the 27th.