Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nuclear Medicine Sucks The Big One

So I show up today at nuclear medicine. Hey weren't you here a week or so ago? Yeah I was, but they cancelled my surgery and I have to do this again. the tech says maybe not...a glimmer of hope...did you wash the marker off under your right arm? Yeah it's been almost two weeks.

She goes and talks to the Dr. She comes back yeah we have to do it again. If you hadn't washed away the markings we would've had to only do a booster. So why the fuck didn't someone tell me that? I'm the patient not the doctor. I didn't know.

So I lie down on the table exposed and feeling very emotional. One holds my left hand while the other swabs my right breast with that brown crap. There are five needles lying on the table with pretty blue nuclear medicine in them. She puts the first one in and it burns like wild fire. The other one ask me something and I reply...you ever read the comics strip Funky Winkerbean? Yeah. Well he did one about one of his characters having breast cancer Lisa Moore.

She was at her doctors office and the doctor starts with I am sorry there has been a mistake in your labs they got mixed up and ...
Lisa is very compliant and says that's OK where do we go from here? But she really was thinking what the fuck, you guys are the experts...

I said yeah I'm feeling a little bit like that.

Then the third shot goes in , the forth, the fifth. My right breast is on fire and I want to cry in the worst way, the very worst sobbing way and I don't. I refuse. My stubborn Dakota streak kicks in and all I want to fucking do is beat the crap out of someone.

So as I am getting dressed the tech says to me do you want to come back tonight or early tomorrow for two more nuclear shots? Hu? I thought we were done. No you have to have two more. I am thinking... I want to go home. I want to go home and have my life back that is what I want to do. My life before death, before, before all of this cancer hit my daughter and me...but I say I'll come in early tomorrow, at 7:00 am an hour before my surgery to get the boosters.

I get out to my car and it starts to snow. I call Bruce and I cry and cry on the phone. I tell him they should've done this surgery two weeks ago because I was in better condition emotionally then I am now. He agrees with me. The anxiety is causing me to have a meltdown along with my worries about my daughter Amy.

She's being stalked by a mad man. It's been in the Duluth News Tribune all week. Shawn Frederick. Asshole.

This was the latest article on him. The last paragraph...it was my daughter Amy's apartment he was trying to break into. He's left her threatening messages on her answering machine. I sent letters off today to the county and to the reporter of the article. Amy's side needs to be heard so this Shawn person won't get out. He stalked a local news woman so badly that she had to quit her job and leave town. So I am dealing with a lot. And forgive me if I sound whinny.

County wants to commit man in lecture-hall incident

Mark Stodghill

Duluth News Tribune - 02/23/2008

St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services is seeking to commit the 36-year-old Duluth man whose behavior in a University of Minnesota Duluth lecture hall Wednesday led students to call police.
The county alleges that Shawn Patrick Frederick is mentally ill and that serious imminent physical harm will occur to him or others unless he is in a treatment facility. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for Monday before St. Louis County Judicial Officer Gerald Maher.
Frederick is being held at Miller-Dwan Medical Center.
Frederick entered the UMD lecture hall at 9:15 a.m. Wednesday and made some students nervous by moving from seat to seat and eventually sitting in an aisle, staring down the assistant professor teaching the class. When police took him into custody, Frederick was found to be in possession of a wooden stick and a leather whip. He was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor offense.
According to court records, Frederick had been formally released on Jan. 31 from an 18-month mental health commitment. Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, information regarding Frederick's mental health commitment is protected and unavailable to the public. It's unclear how much time he actually spent in a mental health facility.
Frederick was charged in 2006 with four counts of
second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon but was acquitted because of mental incompetency.
In that case, he was accused of sticking a 9 mm Ruger handgun against a man's forehead and of pointing it at two other men in the Kozy Bar in downtown Duluth. He also was accused of pointing the gun at another man outside the bar. The weapon was not loaded.
A psychologist examined Frederick and determined that the defendant did not know the nature of his acts and was mentally ill at the time of the offense. Frederick, through his attorney, admitted his mental illness, waived a six-month review and agreed to an 18-month commitment to a treatment facility.
On Feb. 9, Frederick was charged with being in possession of a small amount of marijuana. According to the police report in that case, a Duluth woman said that Frederick was at her door and trying to get in. When police responded, Frederick told them that Buddhists were out to get him. During a pat search, an officer found a small jar containing marijuana in Frederick's jacket pocket.

This is his mug shot...shoot to kill I say.


yellowdog granny said...

oh sweety...i wish i was there..i give the best hugs..im telling you..if you were in texas..that asshole would already have been shot..no one should be allowed to terrorize someone like he is doing your daughter..and in a side effect terrorizing you too....much love to you...will call this weekend..figure you might be able to talk by then...i love you and lighting candles and sendint all my prayers to you..js

kath said...

found my way here via jac's blog

what a nightmare you are dealing with....

I know that I don't know you.. but I have a daughter too.. I have an idea of how dreadfult hat must be..

And the surgery? I am so sorry..
damned cancer..

beat it.. instead of the assinine people you will find along the way..

sending prayers and energy

Mama Kelly said...

I came here via granny's blog and wanted to wish you the very best outcome with your surgery

Then I read about your daughter and can only pray that she stays safe!

Be well
Be happy
Be blessed

Mama Kelly