Monday, October 25, 2010

I'd forgotten...

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed blogging. Katrina took that away from me. She took a lot of things away from me. Boy once someone invades your privacy and uses it to hurt you it does take a while to heal from that kind of hatred. I don't have anything else she can take so fuck it. You know what I mean?

I heard from Boo via FaceBook. Goddess it was so freakin awesome to hear from her. She wants me to move to Hawaii. Live with her in Hawaii. Do you know I am thinking about it. Especially after the hate mail I got from Bruce's step mom. I am just tired of all the hatred directed at me because I am not Sharon. Sharon was Bruce's first wife. She died. I am telling you never marry a widower. I would rather deal with a bitter ex-wife then a dead saint.

Bruce also got a letter. His said Sharon was such a good lady and I was the most disgusting person she had ever met...really apple and oranges. Bruce loves my disgusting ways. hahaha

Hawaii sounds good. Warm weather. No one sending me hate mail. With family that loves and wants me. I really can't see a down side to this.

look at those's a beautiful thing family.


billy pilgrim said...

i understand hawaii has beautiful sea turtles. what are you waiting for?

texlahoma said...

I don't see a down side either, go for it!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

you're back!!


I wondered what the heck was going on these last few weeks. I say move and I'll come visit. often.

love ya!


the only down side I can see is I'm not going with little Dakota