Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Day

I took this photo last summer. Bruce and I were fishing and I caught a rainbow...
So today is new. A friend who I work with...when I said yesterday was a long day of nothing. Well she pointed out to me that it was a long day of healing. I forgot. My body is healing from being cut almost in half and a large portion of it removed. See pictures below.

So today my mind will be in better spirits and I will let my body heal. I will help it along by feeding it right and that includes a square of dark chocolate. I will also go for a walk. I will go further then yesterday. I will go and my mind will wander to good thoughts as I walk and listen to good music. I am blessed.

1 comment:

texlahoma said...

I love that rainbow pic. I took a day off today, I'm all by myself and I can tell it's just what I needed.

I'm not even healing from anything like you are, you should rest up and not push yourself too soon.