Saturday, February 6, 2010

Before & Four Days After My Tummy Tuck

Still pretty swollen, but my doctor preformed a miracle. I now have a flat tummy with no fat rolls. Can't wait to lose the drains. Maybe Thursday.


texlahoma said...

I'm glad everything went alright, come on Thursday.

Terry said...

Congratulations on your flat tummy. Indeed, no pain, no gain. It's nice that you met a great doctor and that everything went fine.

-Terry Bayer

Geoffrey said...

It’s an immediately recognizable difference. Congratulations! How long did you have to endure the swelling? I know it varies in every case. In any case, I hope your tummy is doing great and staying flat ‘til now. :) I know junk food is tempting, but a healthy diet is more promising. Hope you’d maintain the wonderful results!

Geoffrey Lelia

Marc Bryan said...

How is it as of now? I hope that gives you a refreshing start when it comes to giving yourself a healthy body and lifestyle. I love it when people who previously experienced problems like that are now free from such burdens. :)