Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lint Ball, dedicated to Leo.

This is Lint Ball.

Some of you know his story from FaceBook. I thought about him this morning. And I wanted to share his story with my friend Leo. So Leo this one is for you.

Before I left on my journey of a lifetime I had great anxiety about going. Great anxiety. I was at the laundry washing my clothes and getting ready to leave on my trip. I was sitting on a bench waiting and I started to pray. I had a turtle hanging from my mirror in my car and I was looking through the window at that turtle. I was praying and I asked the universe for a sign, give me a sign please that I should drive by myself on this 5000 mile journey and that I will be OK.

I was drinking a cup of coffee and I bent down to put my cup down and I saw this lint ball move. It was a lint ball with legs. I picked it up and thought what the heck is it? Started pulling the lint off and discovered a turtle. Unfreaking believable. I called Bruce. Bring me some spring water and a bucket. I told him the story and he did not believe me.

Bruce brought me the bucket and water. We dunked Lint Ball. We cleaned him off a little more. Sure enough, there he was a perfect baby turtle. The universe had given me my sign and answered my prayers. How else would that baby turtle just showed up at the laundry covered in lint? I think the Universe created him out of lint to answer my prayers.

I brought Lint Ball home and I kept him for three days to make sure he was a healthy little guy. Then Bruce and I brought him to the swamp a few miles from our house and I said a prayer and Bruce let him go. He was so happy to bury himself in the warm mud of the swamp. His little tail was a wagging.


billy pilgrim said...

excellent story.

i'm pretty sure you get three wishes for saving a turtle. maybe you can use one of the wishes to give your mother in law a conscience.


I'm with Leo on this but use your wish to give her a giant ass rash instead..

tsduff said...

That is the best story every. I love it - what an amazing turtle Lint Ball. xo

texlahoma said...

That's cool, a sign just when you needed it.