Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot Dogs & Flower Bridge &Taryn and Nina

This is what I did yesterday, and today I am resting... But first this picture of Bruce and Cole...see the resemblance!
I loved this orange flower!

This was just plain funny...Bruce's white!

The End of another great day!


sageweb said...

How gorgeous you and your family is..what great pictures!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

oh I love these photos!!

this is the happiest you've looked in years, Nance! Wonderful!!


yellowdog granny said...

every one just looks soo happy...which makes me happy....

billy pilgrim said...

excellent idea.

if in doubt, stop and smell the flowers.

apositivepessimist said...

Heh I’ve heard that butterflies only land on “good” people.

They land on my husband quite often. I just figure their goodness-sonar is a tad wonky when they land on him and not moi.

Ha Ha I’m IN. I’m IN. I knew a word in the ear of the good JackieSue would get through.

texlahoma said...

Your blog is kind of like a store with odd hours. "Hey it's open!"
Great pics, looks like good times.

Rainwolf said...

I missed out on commenting on the pics, and your e-mail from here isn't working, or my shit ain't working, whichever.
Get better and get home woman!
Take good care of yourself.

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

Oh Raven!!

Im not sure how i lost you but Im so glad I found you again.

I read on Jacque's site that you are ill and I will be holding you in my thoughts today.

Be well!
Be blessed!

Mama Kelly

tsduff said...

Grandma!! Love your fun times with your kiddo - no better way to spend the day - ESPECIALLY THE HOT DOGS! xo

billy pilgrim said...

merry feckin xmas!

have a good one.